Is doggy daycare on your mind? There are certain things that can help you pick the best daycare center for you dog. Take a look at the list below:

First Impressions

The office should be well-organized, but even more importantly, the actual dog care areas should be clean and well-ventilated. As far as outdoor areas, there should be clean water, a shaded area, and yard should be clean. Are you allowed to tour the premises? There are two schools of thought on this issue. It’s necessary to throroughly tour the entire center to make sure it is clean and secure. Tours may be allowed only at certain times. Some facilities only allow tours by appointment either before or after daycare hours to keep the stress level down for the dogs. Just as one dog can get extremely excited when one person shows up, it can get very stressful for several pups to be surprised with an unexpected visitor. Visitors can also pose a security risk for the dogs, so be sure to call the facility and ask about tours before showing up!

Dog Boarding Kennel

Stimulation and Calm Time

Dogs might become over-tired or over-stimulated if not allowed to rest for brief periods during a full day of playing with their buddies. Will your dog have a good space to relax in the potential facility? Is rest time scheduled? Just like kids, dogs can become a little cranky when they are tired, even if they are having the best day ever!Your dog could be having tons of fun, but they still need time to wind down.


The workers in the doggy care should love dogs and care about yours as if they were their own. Check out the interactions between the staff and the dogs present. Is your dog happy to see the staff upon his return to the daycare?Upon arrival, if the dog seems happy to see the employee, they are probably doing their job correctly.Staff needs to be able to find the minor issues that can turn into larger issues if they are not resolved quickly. Staff should be able to see when a dog needs rest or when it is about to get stressful.

Will your pups have consistent supervision while they are playing, and are you comfortable with that?


The variations for creating doggy play groups are endless. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


Screening is important for all boarding facilities: they may be as simple as asking for a vaccination record, but they need some sort of process. Screening is very normal for centers, so expect it. By screening the guests, the center is offering a secure visit for your furry friend.