Complete Trailer Repair in WI

trailer 4Have you had trailer repair on your mind? If you answered yes, let us help you get your trailer repaired. At Gervasi Trailer Repair, we can help with parts and service. It doesn’t matter what brand or model of trailer you need repaired. We’ve worked with many different brands. Keep reading the list below for some of the specific ways we can get your trailer fixed.

Trailer Parts Madison WI

Proper Trailer Repair

Here’s a quick look at some of the major ways Gervasi Trailer Repair can help you with all sorts of trailer repairs.

Professional Welding – Our welders can help you with custom fabricated parts or stock trailer parts. Like Blacksmiths of years past, we’re here to do whatever it takes to repair your trailer.

trailer 7Parts for Trailers – If you need a standard part for your trailer, we have a tip. By checking with us, you can save money because we have a lot of standard parts in stock. Don’t overpay when buying trailer parts.

Fabrication Repairs – You shouldn’t worry about getting specially fabricated parts created. We pay attention to the tiny details and can fabricate any part you need.

Different Types of Trailers – As mentioned, we handle work on a wide variety of different types of trailers. From boat trailers to utility trailers to motorcycle trailers – and everything in between – we can get the problems repaired.

Our experienced and professionally trained staff is standing by to help you with all sorts of trailer repairs in the Dane County, Wisconsin area. Whether you need a small trailer repaired or parts for a large one, at Gervasi Trailer Repair we can get you on the road again.

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