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Estate planning consists of some different documents that an estate planning attorney can help you take care of.


What is used to seperate your remaining assets in the way that you would like them seperated is called your will. So that there is no confusion when the time comes, it is important to speak with an attorney when you are coming up with your will.

The next step is to pick the person who you would like to represent you when it comes time to distribute your assets and pay any taxes or any other expenses that may exist. If you have children, it is important to have a will so that they will be taken care of if something happens to you.

Probate court is where all of your personal info is stored when you first pass. A downfall to probate court, even though it makes distribution of everything simple, is that it can cost a lot of money. By speaking with your lawyer, you can come up with the best way to handle your death.

Beloit probate attorney

Durable Power Of Attorney In Beloit

When you go, your power of attorney lets people know who will be making the decisions regarding your assets. It is typical for agents to be able to move assets around as they see fit as long as you designate them to do that.

It is not typical for a durable power of attorney to be making decisions if you are up and able to do those things. In order to maining your financial regularity, it is important to have a power of attorney to make sure it all gets taken care of if you are not able to. If you do not have a durable power of attorney, any people associated with your affairs may have to have a guardian appointed to your finances in court. Your death will cease all power that your durable POA has.

Health Care Power Of Attorney In Beloit

If something were to happen to you medically, and you could not make decisions, you would need a durable power of attorney for your health care. This is the best solution if something were to happen to you medically.

Living Will In Beloit WI

This is the best way to ensure that your best interests are always going to be out first.

Revocable Living Trust In Beloit

The benefit of having a Revocable Living Trust is that nothing is set in stone…should you decide you want to change something, you can. A revocable trust lasts for a long time no matter what the circumstances. A revocable trust is one way to stay out of probate, which will also keep a lot of your info private. Typically, this trust will save more money than going into probate.

If you want to make the transition of life to death easier for those you love, go ahead and start planning you estate.

A net worth statement is where you should start you eststa planning. Don’t leave any of your assets out of your net worth statement.

Any taxable accounts

Non taxable accounts

Investments in life insurance

Investments, retirement, and taxable accounts

If you are searching for help to get you estate planned out, go ahead and reach out to an attorney.

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